About Me

I cook vegan at home, and do my best to eat as vegan as possible when I get to be out traveling the world. I am not about being perfect/purist about it, because I think everyone should just do the best that they can. I like to eat tasty, flavorful things… sometimes they’re healthy, sometimes they’re not. I’ve found that many vegan recipes out there tend to be super healthy and/or are raw food recipes, and while I don’t have a problem with either of those things, they’re just not what I am usually looking for. I tend to use non-vegan recipes and modify them to my liking, so I will likely post a lot of those, and I hope it helps others out there. I’ll also try to post travel tips and whatnot as I explore the world more.

I also get annoyed writing out that every single thing in a recipe is vegan. If I say butter, I mean a vegan version of butter, so just go grab whatever vegan margarine you like to use. If I’m eating ice cream, just assume its vegan ice cream.

I’ll also likely only post a brand name if I think it matters to that particular recipe. No need to go out to find a specific butter if you have a different one handy.

This blog is a fun blog for me, so I may not post constantly, but I’ve been told by many people that they want me to start compiling my cooking and baking adventures, so I figured it’s time to start that. Hope you find something you enjoy!