Cheesy Sourdough Bread

So, recently I created my own Sourdough Starter. I’ve been consistently using one recipe from King Arthur Flour’s site, and it’s been serving me pretty well. The nice thing is, the recipe creates enough dough for me to make one regular sized loaf, and one smaller experimental loaf. This time, I thew in a handfull of Daiya Cheddar Cheese, and it turned out AMAZING. I ate almost half of the loaf right then and there.

I added the cheese after the first rise. I just threw in a handful and kneaded it in. I was worried about the bits on the outside not melting well, but it actually came out perfectly, with a few little crunchy bits and really good toasted cheesy flavor. I really like that you can see the bits of cheese – I tried this in a bread machine once and the cheese incorporated so well that it was basically invisible.

Here’s the link to the site, if you want to use the same recipe.



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